Made in Barrow

Made in Barrow is a website to record all the brilliant people, places and creative projects that exist or have existed in Barrow-in-Furness.

On the home page, you will find a map of Barrow filled with pins at specific locations. Pins can describe the place that is still in that location today, such as TNT Records located in Barrow Town Centre (2023). They can also be used to share a place that was at the location in the past, but no longer exists, such as The Ritz or Apollo cinema on the corner of Abbey Road and Holker Street.

To highlight a person or group, past or present, you can add a pin at a location they have been associated with. For example, the group Ormsgill Stronger Together are added with a pin near to Ormsgill Community centre.

You can also add a pin in a location where a creative project has taken place or continues to happen. An example of a creative project on the map is Festival of Colours, which was an event organised by BarrowFull in April 2022.

Where there are two or more pins in one location you will see a number at the bottom of the most recently added pin. If you click this number, rather than the top of the pin, all of the pins at this location will be viewable.

Although the Made in Barrow map will include people, places and creative projects that still exist, the website isn’t a what’s on guide. The purpose of the project is to share stories, celebrate and record Barrow’s brilliant past and present, rather than to advertise current or future events.

To add your suggestion to the map, click the ‘Add a Pin to the Map’ tab at the top of the screen on the right. On the next page you’ll be asked to name your person, place, or creative project and then you’ll be asked to select your location on the map. You can select your location by typing the address, clicking on the map in the location, or a mixture of both. You can then add a link and you’ll be asked to select the category of your pin before moving to the next page. Here you will be asked to share your story or information about the person, place or creative project and again click next where you’ll be able to add photos and videos to the post. Finally, you submit, and your pin will be added to the map after the site administrator has approved it.

You don’t need to add a pin, you may just want to browse the map. If there are pins you would like to add more information to, or edit on the map, please contact us here: info@barrowfull.org.uk

2023 Made in Barrow
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